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New MODx Blog

My new MODx Revolution blog is now live at this address:

So long WordPress, and thanks for all the good times we had.


Publishing a resource from a draft copy (revised – now with TVs)

Lots of feedback on yesterday’s post, much of it to the effect of “call me back when you’ve got it working with Template Variables!”

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Updating a published resource from a draft copy

[[UPDATE:  A slightly updated version of the plugin code, with Template Variable syncing, has been posted here]]

I know, I know: long-time-no-blog.

I had told myself I wasn’t going to do any more blogging until I had my new and improved blog site set up on a MODx Revolution install.  But I finally broke down today because

  1. Setting up the new website is taking a lot longer than expected (mostly due to a lack of spare time)
  2. Today I did something so cool I can’t help but write about it.

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Its all happening…

Nothing remotely technical in this post… I’m taking a step back from that stuff, while I get ready to relocate this blog and settle on some long-term specific themes/topics that will keep my interest and serve the MODx community as well as the “trying to decide on a CMS” community. Stay tuned.

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