Its all happening…

Nothing remotely technical in this post… I’m taking a step back from that stuff, while I get ready to relocate this blog and settle on some long-term specific themes/topics that will keep my interest and serve the MODx community as well as the “trying to decide on a CMS” community. Stay tuned.

Today, just some housekeeping and announcements… just an excuse to post and keep the blog from getting too stale.

No, I’m not moving to Morocco.  But @einsteinsboi is moving to New Zealand.  Best of luck with your move Mary.  Hope you stay active in MODx and keep contributing to the community when you can.

Jason Coward, aka OpenGeek, aka @drumshaman, has a new blog, and it is built on MODx Revolution.

Shaun McCormick, aka splittingred, a.k.a. @splittingred, has a new blog, and it is built on MODx Revolution.

I, a.k.a. me, a.k.a. @jrotering, still have this old blog, not built on MODx Revolution. (My new one will be though, for real).

Here’s an insightful little interview* with co-founder Ryan Thrash and core developer Jeff Whitfield about the past, present and future of MODx.  The interviewer is Patrick Ortman, one more cool and productive member of the ever-surprising MODx community.

See? Lots going on in the MODx world.  It’s all happening.

Two monumental events coming up this month.   First is MODxpo, next week in Dallas.  The first official MODx user conference; the schedule has been posted, and it looks excellent.   I’m really looking forward to meeting the core team and many members of the great user community.  Looking forward to hanging out with my brother for two days, and sharing a room for the first time since I was about 12 years old.  Should be good.  And also hoping to find time to meet a good friend from the PHP community while in the Dallas area.

Second, of course, is the series finale of LOST.  I’m totally psyched, and plan on going all out: having a party, hiring a babysitter to put the kids to bed and keep them upstairs at all costs, and trying to convince my wife to bake a cake like this.  It will be like Superbowl Sunday – except that the best part won’t be the commercials.

What, you may ask, does LOST have to do with MODx?  I’m so glad you asked.  I didn’t realize the connections myself until I started writing this.  But LOST is all about connections and theories… so here are a few.

That’s all I’ve got.

If you’re going to MODxpo, I’ll see you in Dallas next week.

If you’re not, then I’ll see you in another life, brother***.

It’s all happening.





*I especially love the smooth R&B music that comes in halfway through the interview.  It would be really funny if, when Ryan is introduced at MODxpo, they find this song and play it as his theme music as he walks to the stage.

** not actually true.

***Unless you are actually, biologically, my brother. In which case I’ll see you in Dallas.


8 responses to this post.

  1. What would be even better is if I could lose 15 lbs and learn to sit up straight in front of the camera. Not that I’m on camera a lot. More like ever. I have computer-assisted-waisteline expansion happening. So sad. Patrick sprung a crafty trap on us, and I shall have my revenge.

    Which will have to be long after I stop laughing.

    Thanks for a great post and looking forward to seeing you next week.


    My evil scheme with S&G worked. It _is_ all real, and it is all happening.


  2. Posted by Mike Schell on May 4, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Awesome. I’ve definitely felt lost on occasion trying to wrap my head around modx core code, xpdo and so on. But when it comes together, it’s like “whoah dude…”


  3. OK, I tried to stop laughing so I could post this comment, but I gave up.. still laughing.

    Thanks for the best wishes James! I am looking forward to the adventure. I will definitely remain active in the MODx community!

    rock on!



  4. I guess if I was a Lost character, I would probably be Jack, the guy who constantly asks “What the hell is going on?” and “What the hell am I doing here?” to the point where I give in and just say “I suppose it’s just my destiny.” 🙂

    Definitely had fun with Patrick making that little video. Like Ryan, definitely could use a chisel to knock off a few pounds off my chin. LOL!

    Jeff W.


  5. OMG. this is so getting tweeted” In order to keep MODx running and stable, Jay Gilmore lives in a hatch and pushes a button every 108 minutes”

    I love that. I can see it.

    I can’t go to Dallas. Not do I have a blog in MODx Revolution. I’m a speaker for this WordPress thingie and kinda have to keep WP for that for now. But I’m redoing the rest of my site in Revolution. And going to make user guides as my contribution to the community. Good ones. Not half-baked ones on my blog done quick to make a client happy.

    have a great LOST party,


  6. Superb Analogy =)

    Hopefully meet you next week @ MODxPO!


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