Up to my eyeballs in MODx Revolution Permissions

The above title is the answer to the question, “where has the author of this blog been for the past six weeks?”

Like Gandalf battling the Balrog, I’ve been lurking in the underworld, fighting to the death with MODx Revolution permissions.

I am working on a MODx Revolution deployment that will replace the current Dreamweaver/FTP-based publishing system on the 5000+ page website of a major state university system.  There are about three dozen or so people doing content publishing – some of them are more dangerous than others and need more restrictions on what they are allowed to do.  Numerous different departments, some with hierarchical relationships.  Everyone needs to be able to see-and-link-to everyone else’s pages, but I have to be sure departments can’t edit-or-otherwise-bungle each other’s pages.

Turns out this whole “figuring out the permissions and user accounts” item on my project to-do list is going to be a huge project in and of itself.

The good news is, I’m exceedingly confident that the MODx Revolution permissions model will ultimately handle everything I need to do.

The bad news is, I’m largely fumbling my way in the dark, boldly going where no one has gone before.  (Or at least where no one has documented before).

I’m still quite far away from producing my own detailed tutorial – at this point if I tried, it would be full of inaccuracies, superstitions and general worthless drivel.  But hopefully I’ll be writing one at some point in the future when I have a better grasp on (a whole lot of) things.

flawed theory

That's me on the right, and someone from the MODx core team on the left.

For now, I’ll say that – although it is pretty densely packed, and may require multiple re-readings – Bob Ray’s article on Revolution Permissions is an absolutely essential first step toward understanding this subject matter.

Go read that. Then read it again.  Then try to write down some of the basic concepts to prove you have them down.

Then read it again.

And if the skies happen to open for you, and you are blessed with a strong and clear grasp of MODx Revolution permissions, then please do the community a favor and write a tutorial!

I’ll be back with mine once the dust has settled.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Roman on April 4, 2010 at 6:43 am

    Hey. Thanks for great blog, added to my favs. it would be great to see in future some posts about creating 3rd party components, custom forms, uploading files in front-end. would you allow to transalate and publish your posts on someone’s blog with link to original?..
    good luck.


  2. Posted by dave m on July 22, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Id actually like to see some graphical presentation of the permissions process— as in a flowchart + diagrams– including contexts and system permissions too. I like pictures. I can remember them far better than text. Once I actually understand them textually myself, I’ll likely contribute a diagram or three.



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